Revival of Ribbonfish fishery in Mandapam region

Jayasankar, P (1992) Revival of Ribbonfish fishery in Mandapam region. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 118 . pp. 16-17.

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During the 60s, ribbonfish formed a fishery of considerable strength in the Mandapam region and occasionally large quantities were landed in shore seines and drift gill nets. Though it is generally observed that large schools of T. lepturus which contribute to the commercial fishery during certain months at different landing centres mostly comprise of spent fish measuring above 50 cm length, neither the schooling behaviour nor the migratory pattern are understood to any appreciable extent. The presently reported shoaling is apparently associated with spawning. This aspect apart from the present observation is noteworthy that a virtually extinct ribbonfish fishery in the Mandapam region has shown a brief but significant revival.

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