Development and culture of penaeid larvae a review

Muthu, M S (1983) Development and culture of penaeid larvae a review. In: Progress in Invertebrate Reproduction and aquaculture. Subramoniam, T and Varadarajan, Sudha,(eds.) , pp. 203-226.



The larval development of pensreid prawns has attracted the attention of biologists by virtue of tho many primitive features exhibited by these larvae. Till recently this interest was purely academic. But, of late, the larvae of this commerciaIly important group of prawns have been studied from the point of view of the management of prawn fishery resources and in the context of large scale production of the seed of desirable species of prawns for coastal aquacu1tum. The larval development of a number of species of prawns has been worked out in great detail in the course of developing techniquas for, rearing the larvae under controlled conditions. In this paper our present knowledge of penaeid larval development and the state of the art of larval rearing are reviewed.

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