Coastal oceanic phenomena and fisheries

Varma, K K (1998) Coastal oceanic phenomena and fisheries. In: Kadalekum Kanivukal (Bounties of the Sea). Ravindran, K and Srinath, Krishna and Kunjipalu, K K and Sasikumar, V,(eds.) CIFT, Cochin, pp. 58-61.

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The major factor that affects the climatic conditions of Indian subcontinent is seasonally reversing monsoons. During southwest monsoon, which occurs from May - September, wind blows from southwesterly direction bringing copious rain to India and the surrounding regions. Subsequently wind gradually reverses and the northeast monsoon sets in during November - February. As a result of these, the oceanographic conditions also undergo changes. During southwest monsoon, the currents in the Arabian sea and the Bay of Bengal broadly follow a clockwise direction, which results in southward flow along west coast and northward flow along east coast of India. During northeast monsoon, currents become counter clockwise and the direction of coastal currents also reverses.

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