Demersal finfish resources of India

Sivakami, S (1998) Demersal finfish resources of India. In: Kadalekum Kanivukal (Bounties of the Sea). Ravindran, K and Srinath, Krishna and Kunjipalu, K K and Sasikumar, V,(eds.) CIFT, Cochin, pp. 25-28.



Fish based on their depthwise distribution may be grouped mainly as pelagic and demersal, the former occupying surface waters and the latter the neretic areas in the continental shelf. Demersal fish though generally occupy the sea floor, feeding on the benthic organisms and detritus, perform vertical and horizontal migration in search of their feeding and breeding grounds. Most of them lay their eggs in the surface waters or in the intermediate depths. The eggs after their larval phase return to the bottom to lead a demersal life.

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