Organic wealth and fish production in the sea - Zooplankton production

Mathew, K J (1998) Organic wealth and fish production in the sea - Zooplankton production. In: Kadalekum Kanivukal (Bounties of the Sea). Ravindran, K and Srinath, Krishna and Kunjipalu, K K and Sasikumar, V,(eds.) CIFT, Cochin, pp. 18-20.



Food is one of the important requirements for the existence of any living organism. In the oceans the food production takes place at two levels - primary level and secondary level. Among these, the food is synthesised only at the primary level in the form of carbohydrates. The micro and macrophytes in the seas are responsible for primary production. The zooplankters carry out the important function of converting plant matter into animal substances which forms the food for fi~ha nd other higher animals.

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