Perspective on coastal aquaculture in India

Devaraj, M and Appukuttan, K K (2000) Perspective on coastal aquaculture in India. In: Marine Fisheries Research and Management. Pillai, V N and Menon, N G,(eds.) CMFRI; Kochi, Kochi, pp. 677-687.



The slow growth rate in marine capture fisheries of the coastal sector world over, capital intensive and risk prone deep sea and oceanic harvest coupled with great demand for target groups for domestic and export markets have created a pressing necessity to evolve viable options for aquaculture of most wanted species. Although the aquaculture is rapidly growing in the Asia-Pacific region, its techno-economic and commercial viability in Indian condition is yet to be demonstrated and practiced except in the case of some shrimps and bivalves. Evenlhough the country is blessed with vast cultivable coastal and brackish water areas and with rich potentially cultivable candidate species for farming (20 species of finfishes, 29 crustaceans, 1 7 molluscs, 7 seaweeds and many other species of anciUiary resources), we have yet to go a long way to achieve our targets in aquaculture. The paper reviews the R&D works carried out by CMFRI for crustacean, molluscan, finfish mariculture, seaweed culture and their developmental programmes required to be undertaken in the future.

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