Fishery, stock assessment and management of the barracuda resource in India

Mohamad Kasim, H (2000) Fishery, stock assessment and management of the barracuda resource in India. In: Marine Fisheries Research and Management. Pillai, V N and Menon, N G,(eds.) CMFRI Kochi, Kochi, pp. 374-387.



The annual landings of barracuda increased from 1996 t in 1969 to 14679 t in 1995. During 1985-93 on an average 8332 I was landed and it constituted 0.44% oj the total marine fish catch, in India. The statewise contribution was Tamilnadu 3925 t (47.7%), Kerala 2471 t (30.0%), Andhra Pradesh 457 t (5.6%), Gujarat 420 t (5.1%). Maharashtra 416 t (5.0%), Karnataka 340 t (4.1%,), Pondicherry 98 i (1.2%), Orissa 71 t (0.9%) and Goa 29 t (0.4%>j. Four species Sphyraena obtusata, S.Jello, S. picuda and S.Jorsieri sustained the barracuda fishery in India. The growth paralmeters like Loa K, to: length weight relationships and natural mortality of S. obtusata S.Jello and S. picuda have been calculated The total mortality rate, fishing mortality rate generated by the trawl and drift gillnets and stock have been estimated for these three species. At present S. obtusata is under exploited by trawlnet and S.Jello and S. picuda are exposed to high fishing pressure by drift gillnets. The production may be increased by intensifying the exploitation in the deeper waters beyond 100 m depth. Suggestions and recommendations for proper management of the fishery have been proposed

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