The fishery and resource characteristics of pomfrets

Khan, Mohammad Zafar (2000) The fishery and resource characteristics of pomfrets. In: Marine Fisheries Research and Management. CMFRI Kochi, Kochi, pp. 364-373.


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Pomfrets contribute to about 2% in all India fish catch. They are abundant along the coasts of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Orissa. Pampus argenteus forms 65.9%, Formio niger 33.2% and Pampus chinensis 0.9% of the catch. They feed on planktonic organisms like salps, medusae and ctenophores. Both P. argenteus and F. niger have prolonged spawning with two peaks. The breeding ground of P. argenteus is the depth realm 55-90 m offCambay and Sand head; while the inshore areas of Bombay, Cambay and Sand head appear to be the nursery grounds. They are pelagic and are caught mainly in driftnet, trawl net and dolnet. The estimated MSYfor P. argenteus for Indian waters is 38,194 t while for F. niger is 20,446t. The fishery of P. argenteus has collapsed in Maharashtra due to growth and recruitment overfishing.

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