Food and feeding habits of the two species of Chirocentrus from Mandapam

Luther, G (1985) Food and feeding habits of the two species of Chirocentrus from Mandapam. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 32 (4). pp. 439-446.


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The two species of Chirocentrus, C. nudus and C. dorab, examined from the Palk bay and Gulf of Mannar, appear to be diurnal predators preying mostly on fishes, depending for predation perhaps on vision. They seem to ingest the prey as a whole, swallowing its head first. When young, they feed mainly oil the postlarvae and juveniles of Stolephorous and Sardinella and on Acetes, but, as adult' they change over to adult sardines and other clupeoids. Though both the species belong to the same trophic level, C. nudus seems to avoid competition by feeding on relatively larger-sized prey, which they arc able to do with the help of their larger mouth and stronger teeth.

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