Some engineering problems in the construction and Maintenance of marine culture ponds at Mandapam

Bensam, P (1985) Some engineering problems in the construction and Maintenance of marine culture ponds at Mandapam. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 32 (4). pp. 417-430.


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A major problem concerning the construction aad maintenance of marine culture ponds at Mandapam has been that dykes are subject to easy erosion and damage because of the incohesiveness and porosity of earth, which chiefly consists of sand, fragments of corals and molluscan shells. Crests and slopes of dykes are liable to be washed off easily in rains, and dyke bases are eroded by wave action in the ponds. Experiments showed that dykes when built in a proportion of 5-6 m basal width to 1 m height are capable of resisting these damages considerably. To protect dykes' bases and to maintain their slopes, turfing is found to be most effective and long lasting. Also, when a strip of the original ground is left as it is all along the inner edges of ponds, the dykes tend to remain free of damage. A grass belonging to the genus Chloris, which has shown a high rate of propagation and a good earth-binding quality, is found to protect the dykes well against the local climatic and soil conditions. It is also found that, by allowing enough time for the dykes to season and consolidate and for the pond bottom to become compact, seepage can be reduced by 75%. Further reduction up to 96% is possible by covering the slopes and dyke bases with protective linings made of locally available cheap materials. Structural work of a simple culvert type sluice, successfully designed' and constructed for free flow of water to the ponds, is explained.

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