On the commercial trawl fishery off Veraval during 1979-1982

Rao, G Sudhakara and Mohamad Kasim, H (1985) On the commercial trawl fishery off Veraval during 1979-1982. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 32 (3). pp. 296-308.



Estimated annual fish landings by the commercial trawlers at Veraval fluctuated between 22,221 t (in 1980-81) and 31,380 t (in 1981-82) during the three years from 1979 to 1982. The catches of individual groups varied at random without showing any seasonal trend. The prawns, for which the trawlers were mainly operating, were only 7.8% of the total catch. The other important constituents, which were landed more as bycatches, were small sciaenids (20%), ribbonfish (9%), threadfin breams (5.3%), white fish (5.1%), perches (4.7%), clupeids (4.2%), elasmobranchs (3.9%), eels (3.1%), flat fishes (3.1%) and cephalopods (4.4%). Parapenaeopsis stylifera was the dominant species of prawn, forming 20-31% of the prawn landings.

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