Stock assessment of seerfishes in the Indian seas

Kasim, H M and Muthiah, C and Pillai, N G K and Yohannan, T M and Manojkumar, B and Koya, K P Said and Balasubramanian, T S and Bhat, S Uma and Elayathu, M N K and Manimaran, C and Dhokia, H K (2002) Stock assessment of seerfishes in the Indian seas. In: Management of Scombroid Fisheries. Pillai, N G K and Menon, N G and Pillai, P P and Ganga, U,(eds.) CMFRI; Kochi, Kochi, pp. 108-124.



The annual average catch of seerfishes from the Indian seas was 45,0601 during 1995-'99, which constituted 1.8% of the total marine fish catch in India. State-wise Gujarat (28.5%) was the major producer followed by Tamilnadu (15.8%), Maharashtra (15.4%), Andhra Pradesh (11.4%) and Kerala (10.5%). Gill net is the dominant gear in exploiting seerfish followed by trawl, hooks & line, boat seines, shore seines and purse seines. Among the five species, the kingseer Scomberomorus commerson (59.0%) and the spotted seer S. guttatus (35.1%) sustained the fishery, while the streaked seer S.lineolatus and the wahoo Acanthocybium solandri formed only a negligible portion of the fishery

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