Status of exploitation of seerfishes in the Indian seas

Muthiah, C and Kasim, H M and Pillai, N G K and Yohannan, T M and Manojkumar, B and Koya, K P Said and Bhat, S Uma and Balasubramanian, T S and Elayathu, M N K and Manimaran, C and Dhokia, H K and Somaraju, M V (2002) Status of exploitation of seerfishes in the Indian seas. In: Management of Scombroid Fisheries. CMFRI; Kochi, Kochi, pp. 33-48.


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    Seerfish production from the Indian seas during the past five decades from 1950s to 1990s, showed an increasing trend. The annual catch increased from 4,505 t in 1953 to 54,8761 in 1998. The average annual catch during the five decadal periods k-aried from 7,278 t in 1950-'59 to 41,575 t in 1990-'99 contributing 1.5% and 1.75% respectively to the total marine fish catch of India. However, the rate of increase through the successive decades decreased indicating the attainment of op- ;imum level of production currently. During 1950-'59, the east coast contributed more (60%) than the west coast (40%), which changed to 36:64 during 1990-'99. iVmong the maritime states of India, Gujarat (25.88%), Maharashtra (16.09%), familnadu (13.59%), Kerala (13.07%) and Andhra Pradesh (12.68%) were the prime seerfish producers during 1990-'99. Gill net (64.8%) was the dominant gear, folowed by trawl (17.4%) and hooks and line (4%) with an average catch rate of 8.1 <g/unit, 0.24 kg/hr and 3.7 kg/unit respectively during 1995-'99. Among the five species, the fishery was sustained only by two species viz., the king seer Scomberomorus commerson and the spotted seer S.guttatus.

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