Problems and prospects for lobster farming in India

Radhakrishnan, E V and Vijayakumaran, M (2000) Problems and prospects for lobster farming in India. In: Marine Fisheries Research and Management. CMFRI; Kochi, Kochi, pp. 753-764.


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The potential for increasing the lobster yield from the wild is limited, as most of the stocks have reached optimum levels of production. Hence attempts were made by the CMFR Institute to successfully grow the non-cannibalistic species under captivity in view of the above and demand for live lobster in export market. The paper reviews the previous culture attempts and the present status on the spiny lobster, distribution of culturable species for farming and fattening, brood stock maintenance, larval culture, availability and growth of pueruli, collection and transportation of Juvenile lobsters, fattening of sub adults, growth acceleration by eye stalk ablation, farming in intertidal pits, environmental conditions for Juvenile rearing, stock density, food diease, economics of farming and fattening, and the future prospects in Indian condition.

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