Methodology for the Estimation of Marine Fish Landings in India

Srinath, M and Kuriakose, Somy and Mini, K G (2005) Methodology for the Estimation of Marine Fish Landings in India. CMFRI Special Publication, 86 . pp. 1-57.



The marine fisheries sector in India has witnessed a phenomenal growth during the last five decades both quantitatively and qualitatively. The subsistence fisheries during the early 50’s which produced about 0.5 million tonnes annually has presently grown into a full grown industry producing currently about 2.7 million tones annually with a landing site value of about Rs. 13,000 crores. This increase is not only as a result of improvements in the harvesting methods, increase in the fishing effort and extension of fishing into relatively deeper regions but also increased demand resulting from trade in export of marine products as well as the ever growing domestic market demand.

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