Determination of net gain / loss of oxygen by biochemical processes in tropical waters

Selvaraj, G S D (2005) Determination of net gain / loss of oxygen by biochemical processes in tropical waters. CMFRI Special Publication : Mangrove ecosystems: A manual for the assessment of biodiversity, 83. p. 202.


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    Biochemical role involving photosynthesis, respiration and other oxidation-reduction processes such as decomposition of organic matter and recycling of minerals by bacterial action influence the rate of production and consumption of dissolved oxygen in tropical aquatic ecosystems. In the existing method of BOD and COD estimations, the biochemical release of oxygen in water by photosynthesis and consumption by respiration of phyto and zooplankton are not considered while assessing the biochemical oxygen demand in aquatic systems. This method helps to assess the net loss/gain of biochemical oxygen consumption / production in the water samples considering the microbio-chemical processes involving release of oxygen by photosynthesis, consumption by respiration of micro-organisms and other biochemical oxidation – reduction processes in water.

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