Parthenogenetic activation and development in sea urchin

Vivek Raja, P (1982) Parthenogenetic activation and development in sea urchin. CMFRI Special publication- Manual of Research Methods for Marine Invertebrate Reproduction, 9 . pp. 187-188.



Sea urchin eggs are ideal for parthenogenetic activation. Eversince Hertwig and Hertwig (1887) successfully induced the formation of fertilization membrane in Paracentrotus lividus by the treatment of chloroform, many workers have induced parthenogenetic activation in various sea urchin eggs both by physical and chemical stimuli (Harvey, 1956). Parthenogenetically activated eggs normally develop upto the pluteus stage; but further development is reported to be very difficult (Ishikawa, 1975). In this experiment activation of sea urchin egg by double treatment with butyric acid and hypertonic sea water is described.

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