Induced maturation and spawning of Penaeus indicus without eyestalk ablation

Muthu, M S and Laxminarayana, A and Mohamed, K H (1986) Induced maturation and spawning of Penaeus indicus without eyestalk ablation. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 33 (2). pp. 246-250.


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Farm-grown Penaeus indiciis > 32.5 mm in carapace length ( > 150 mm T.L. and 25 g wt.) were induced to mature and spawn in captivity by merely maintains the pH of the maturation pool at 8.1-8.2. The regulation of the pH was done by daily addition of adequate quantities of Na2C03 to the recirculated seawater. 61.8% of the experimental prawns matured and spawned and 81% of the spawnings gave rise to normal healthy larvae. The average number of eggs obtained per female was 119,614 and the average hatching rate was 82.5%. This technique of inducing maturation eliminates the stress of eye-stalk ablation on the broodstock.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Induced maturation; spawning; Penaeus indicus; eyestalk ablation
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