Breeding and larval rearing of three species of damselfishes (family: Pomacentridae)

Gopakumar, G and Sreeraj, T and Ajith Kumar, T T and Sukumaran, T N and Raju, B and Unnikrishnan, C and Hillary, P and Benziger, V P (2002) Breeding and larval rearing of three species of damselfishes (family: Pomacentridae). Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 171 . pp. 3-5.



The annual world ornamental fish trade is to the tune of around 4.5 billion dollars (1995) with a growth rate of about 8%. Nearly 50% of the revenue from the trade is contributed by marine ornamental fishes. With the spread of scientific knowledge on marine aquarium management and development of an array of aquarium gadgets, there is an Increased demand for tropical marine aquarium fishes in recent years and this opens up the possibility of developing a lucrative marine ornamental fish trade the worldover.

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