Mangrove vegetation

Jayasurya, P K and Kaladharan, P and Rajagopalan, M S and Dam Roy, S and Sadhu, A K (2005) Mangrove vegetation. CMFRI Special Publication Mangrove ecosystems: A manual for the assessment of biodiversity, 83. pp. 1-14.


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    Mangrove vegetation includes plants ranging from herbs, shrubs to tall trees. In favourable conditions the mangrove trees can form dense forests in intertidal habitats. However; only a few species form a massive canopy. The main characteristic features of these special type of plants are the tidal amplitude, defined by the species, and their ability to tolerate high salinity and stress. The majority of the plant groups have adaptations like prop and stilt roots for fixing support and the pneumatophores otherwise called the breathing roots for exchanging gases and the viviparous germination. In addition to these, the plants have leathery, dark, ever green leaves with deeply embeded stomata and aquous tissues.

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