An annotated bibliography on Sea-Cucumbers

James, D B (1994) An annotated bibliography on Sea-Cucumbers. CMFRI Special Publication (58). pp. 1-92.



Beche-de-mer is a little known subject with references widely scattered and not readily available for an average worker. Therefore it was felt essential to bring in all the scattered references at one place with a brief summary of each reference. A few references collected through cross reference are simply listed without annotations as it was not readily possible to the correct summary. The subject matter with 398 references is arranged under different headings such as General, Taxonomy, Morphology, Anatomy, Biology, Ecology, Reproduction, Hatchery and Culture, Conservation and Management, Resource and Fishery, Processing and Quality Control, and Marketing and Export. Many of the papers particularly the valuable reports of the FAO and the these approved by various Universities are also included to make the Bibliography comprehensive. Valuable information has been collected from the Administrative Reports of the Madras State Fisheries Department. Maximum references are under the heading Taxonomy. Though hatchery and culture techniques in sea-cucumbers are of recent origin, more than 30 references have been collected on the subject and included. Every effort is made to make the Bibliography wide-based and complete.

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