Mitochondrial DNA sequencing of cetaceans and dugong from the Indian seas for their conservation and management

Jayasankar, P and Anoop, B and Rajagopalan, M and Vivekanandan, E and Krishnakumar, P K and Kumaran, P L and Reynold, P and Anoop, A K and Yousuf, K S S M and Afsal, V V (2007) Mitochondrial DNA sequencing of cetaceans and dugong from the Indian seas for their conservation and management. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 192 . pp. 1-6.



Understanding taxonomy is fundamental to conservation efforts of bioresources. The units on which conservation is based are determined largely by species designation. Ambiguous identification of species may lead to erroneous conclusions, which may be more serious than lack of understanding of the population structure and status; for example, conclusions such as loss of genetic variability(e.g., by unwitting extinction of a species).In cetaceans (whales,dolphins andporpoises), morphological features are subtle and difficult to compare because of the rarity of specimens or widespread distributions.Identifying the geographical variants of recognized species of cetaceans is more cumbersome using the conventional approaches and in this context molecular genetics can provide significant contributions to taxonomic understanding of inter and intra-specific variations for conservation and management purposes. Similarly, in dugong,a critically endangered marine mammal, in order to devise adequate conservation andmanagement strategies for the species of concern, it is essential to study the population genetic characteristics of the species throughout the range of its distribution. DNA sequence analysis has become a powerful tool for conservation.

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