Culture of milkfish in polyethylene film-lined ponds

Lazarus, S and Nandakumaran, K (1987) Culture of milkfish in polyethylene film-lined ponds. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 76 . pp. 9-12.

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In India interest in the commercial farming of milkfish Chanos chanos has grown space in recent years, and an attempt was made at Calicut to culture the milkfish in ponds dug out in the sandy beach and lined with polyethylene film. Sea water filled up to 1.5m in the ponds and acclimatised seeds from wild were released and fed with prepared natural feed. Salinity (>29.2 %o), temperature (31.0 - 32.5 °C), pH (8.1 - 8.9) and other parameters were maintained. A decrease in the instantaneous growth of fish was noticed as stocking size increased. Good survival rate (up to 99%) was observed. An attempt was also made to study the economics of the aquaculture operations.

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