Gorgonid resources of India

Thomas, P A and George, Rani Mary (1987) Gorgonid resources of India. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 74 . pp. 1-13.

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The quantity of gorgonids exported from India since then showed a downward trend, but the price/kg was on a steady increase. For 1,008 kg exported during 1983-'84 the total revenue realised was Rs. 1.04 lakhs, averaging Rs. 103.65 per kg. For these aesthetic reasons these animals have been collected all over the world, and from India too they have been exported under the head 'curio' for a long period. But the demand for this commodity was not at all specific and the revenue realised under this head was also not very attractive. The total quantity of gorgonids exported from India during 1975-'84 was estimated at 36.4 tonnes valued at Rs. 9.9 lakhs. At present 22 species of gorgonids referable to seven families and 15 genera are exported from India under four trade names or 'types' such as 'Black', 'Red', 'Monkey tail' and 'Flower'. The above commercial classification is based on colour. It is advisable to fix a minimum size for each species at which their exploitation could be commenced. In the event of extending the fishing activity to any of the virgin areas indicated in the section entitled 'Areas where fishing could be intensified', care should be taken to earmark some selected areas as 'gorgonid reserves.

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