Synopsis of marine prawn fishery of India -1979

CMFRI, CFD (1980) Synopsis of marine prawn fishery of India -1979. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series , 25 . pp. 1-13.

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The total marine prawn production during the year 1979 was estimated at 1, 77,582 tonnes, showing a decrease of only 2,274 t. (1.3%) from the total production of 1, 79,856 t in 1978. A study of the production trend over the past few years shows the maximum of 2,20,7511 in 1975 and thereafter a gradual reduction with a slight increase in 1978. The production being contributed mostly by penaeid prawns. The total monthly landings of prawns remained high from January to May with a sudden decline to the minimum of 5,571 t. in June. P. indicus was the major constituent of the prawn fishery amounting to 63,3% of the total prawn catches, followed by P. merguiensis (21,8%) and M. affinis (14.1 %). The landings of other species viz., P. monodon (0.4%), M. dobsoni (0.4%) and M. lysianassa (0.04%) were negligible

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