Theorems of environmental adaptation

Hochachka, P W (1986) Theorems of environmental adaptation. CMFRI Special Publication , 26 . pp. 1-50.



Organisms are perpetually buffetted by the external environment, yet of course somehow manage its effects. In ectothermic species in particular the external environment impinges directly upon cellular and subcellular functions; i.e., directly upon cell chemistry and cell metabolic machinery. Adaptive adjustments in response to environmental change activated in one tissue therefoie must be balanced with adjustments at other sites so as not too seriously (i) to disrupt functions at other sites or (ii) to disrupt cooperative metabolic interactions between tissues and organs in the integrated physiology of the whole organism. Making problems worse are simultaneous changes in more than one parameter of the environment. Not only must organisms then cope with differential effects of each parameter on specific metabolic processes or upon specific tissues and organs; they must also successfully adjust to interacting effects of the external environmental parameters which may drive the same processes or pathways in the same or in opposite directions.

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