Observation on the fishery and biology of penaeid prawns from Godavari estuary

Lalitha Devi, S (1988) Observation on the fishery and biology of penaeid prawns from Godavari estuary. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 35 (1). pp. 52-63.



The Godavari estuarine system of Andhra Pradesh supports a round the year penaeid prawn fishery. The annual average penaeid prawn landings at Matlapalem, B. V. Palem and P.O. Moga landing centres was 806.3 t, during 1979-'83 with peak catches during (Dctober-December. Twenty three species of penaeid prawns contribute to the fishery of which M. monoceros, P. indicus, M. dobsoni, P. monodon, M. brevicorins, P. semisukatus, P. merguiensis and P. japonicus are important in the order of abundance. Variations in the seasonal abundance of the constituent species between years and between the landing centres were noticed. Prawns in the length range of 40-100 mm (2-4 months old) formed bulk of the catch. A growth rate of 16-18 mm/month in M. monoceros 27.5-32.5 mm/month in P. indicus and 32.5-37.5 mm/month in P. monodon was discerible. In most of the species female dominated in almost all the months and also in the larger length groups. The species composition in the Godavari estuary during December and February-May was similar to that obtained in the marine catches landed at Kakinada Fisheries Harbour. This may be due to the existence of somewhat marine conditions (physico-chemical) in the estuary in those months.

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