Mariculture research under the Centre of Advanced Studies in Mariculture

Rengarajan, K (1984) Mariculture research under the Centre of Advanced Studies in Mariculture. CMFRI Special Publication, 19 . pp. 1-109.



The main objective of the inclusion of a dissertation in the last semester of the course is to train the students in the research methodology and to develop their originality in planning of research, design of the experiments, collection of data and their interpretation. Besides these, the allocation of the research topics on the identified priority areas such as nutrition, physiology, pathology, genetics, reproductive physiology, and eco-physiology of cultivable marine organisms and on culture systems has also helped to either add to the basic knowledge in these aspects or to supplement the information required to tackle the applied aspects. It may also be noted that the emphasis in the present series of investigations has been on prawn culture, especially of the species Penaeus indicus. As a result of these programmes, we know, today more about this species and its culture aspects, than any other marine penaeid prawns of the country.

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