Neuroendocrine factors influencing maturation in shrimps

Sridhar, N and Peer Mohamed, M (1995) Neuroendocrine factors influencing maturation in shrimps. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 140 . pp. 4-5.



The females in the crustacean species have to cope up in the adult stage, with two highly energy demanding processes namely body growth and reproduction. Body growth and moulting are periodic events in the life cycle of prawns. In prawns reproduction and growth are programmed as antagonistic events. Apparently moulting is induced when the levels of moult inhibiting hormone (MIH) and gonad stimulating hormone (GSH) are low and gonad inhibiting hormone (GIH) and moulting hormone (MH) are high. To induce gonadal maturation and spawning, unilateral eyestalk ablation is the technique widely used nowdays.

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