Utilisation of blood clam Anadara granosa

Rao, C C Panduranga and Babu, Subrata and Saheb, D I Khasim and Chakrabarty, R and Gupta, S S (1990) Utilisation of blood clam Anadara granosa. CMFRI Bulletin-National symposium on research and development in marine fisheries Sessions III & IV 1987, 44 (2). pp. 470-472.



Blood clam (Anadara granosa) forms a fishery of considerable magnitude in the Kakinada Bay where an estimated 20001 are landed annually. Ini addition culture technology for blood clam has been standardised In India, throwing open the possibility of large scale farming of this species. Presently clam meat is burnt along with shell to produce lime. In order to optimise the utilisation Of blood clam as against the existing gross under utilisation Kakinada Research Centre of CIFT has developed the technologies for Icing, freezing and canning of the clam. A pickled product and sausage are the other products developed by the Centre. The paper describes the technologies developed for utilisation of blood clam.

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