Strategies for tuna fisheries Development and Management in the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone

James, P S B R and Pillai, P P (1991) Strategies for tuna fisheries Development and Management in the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone. CMFRI Bulletin : National Symposium on Research and Development in Marine Fisheries Sessions V, VI, VII 1987, 44 (Part -). pp. 619-642.


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    in recent years, one of the significant changes In the International tuna industry has been both the reduction and redeployment of the major tuna fishing fleets of the world. These developments coupled with the declaration of the 200 miles EEZ, have altered the pattern of tuna resources exploitation and motivated a number of developing countries to extend their operations and participate In the International tuna fishery. In the present communication, a retrospect of National tuna fishery Is presented, the strategies and perspectives for the development and management of tuna fisheries, chiefly through augmentation and melioration In the (I) traditional small scale sector, (ii) medium commercial fishery sector, and (ill) large scale commercial fishery sector are presented with substantiating data and information. The need of tapping the skipjack tuna resources from the oceanic sector of the EEZ of India and strategies Involved in the augmentation of skipjack production by planned development of the small scale fishery sector around our oceanic islands are discussed. The prospects of acquisition and utilisation of the vessel capacity, equipments and expertise of the developed nations in the operational sector of large scale commercial tuna fishery for yellowfin and big eye from the EEZ, and other policy options for tuna fishery development in the oceanic waters are reviewed.

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