Tuna pole and line (live bait) fishing technique of Lakshadweep - some suggestions for improvement

Livingston, P (1990) Tuna pole and line (live bait) fishing technique of Lakshadweep - some suggestions for improvement. CMFRI Bulletin-National symposium on research and development in marine fisheries Sessions III & IV 1987, 44 (2). pp. 456-469.



Adding tome essential details to the existing scientific exposition of the Tuns Pole and Line (TPL) fishing technique with live bait of Lakshadweep, the present paper deals largely on a comparative study of this technique with the TPL technique operallng In Japanese, Californian and Polynesian waters, Based on this comparative study soma suggestions are given for Improving the craft, gear and gear-making with regard to the TPL fishing technique of Lal^shadweep. Besides the need for having better objectives of mechanisation improvements in : Size and cruising range of fishing hosts; general feature of the fishing boats; types of engines used; live-bait equipment used; onboard facilities for the operation of the fishing gear; fish preservation and handling equipment onboard; facilities for crew accommodation onboard; navigation, comnnunication and fish finding equipments onboard; combination fishing boats; alternative fishing boat; ancillary ships; materials used for construction of boats and also Improvement In patrol and transport work undertaken by the fishing boats are suggested. Also, the need for introducing the team-gear, bait-hook, lure-hook and striker and for improving the mode of angling, chumming and water splashing is stressed. The urgent need for modernising the TPL gear making Industry by indigenously making TPL hooks, lurehooks, bait hooks and strikers; by supplying FRP Poles and quality bamboo Poles and the other fishery requisites at subsidy and by introducing quarantine and quality control measures to maintain the quality of bamboo Pole* Is stressed.

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