Impact of vertical high opening nets in Gujarat

Soloman, P P and Chhaya, N D and Chauhan, H D (1990) Impact of vertical high opening nets in Gujarat. CMFRI Bulletin-National symposium on research and development in marine fisheries Sessions III & IV 1987, 44 (2). pp. 453-455.



Field trials ware conducted with an improved version of V. H- O. net of BOBP in Saurashtra waters by the Gujarat Fisheries Aquatic Sciences Research Station, Veraval. Both the fish catch and value improved. This center has been helping the fisherman to fabricate this modified version of net which Is popularly known as DISCO net to fisherman, The acceptance is total and within last two years 1600 modified V. H. Q. nets ware fabricated at Veraval alone. This paper gives the salient features of modified design and comparative statistics

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