Role of fishing technology in the Research and Development of marine fisheries in India

Sreekrishna, Y and Shenoy, Latha (1990) Role of fishing technology in the Research and Development of marine fisheries in India. CMFRI Bulletin-National symposium on research and development in marine fisheries Sessions III & IV 1987, 44 (2). pp. 447-452.



Consequent to the declaration of Exclusive Econonnic Zone (EEZ) to 200 nautical miles, India has acquired right to explore, exploit, manage and conserve the resources of her seas. This provides, greater challenge by way of financial investment, provision of infrastructure facilities, introduction of different types of large deep sea vessels, modern fishing gear and use of modern technologies in fish handling, processing, storage and marketing. Great strides have been made in increasing marine fish production of India from 0-53 million tonnes In 1951 to 1.81 million tonnes in 1984. This has been possible by application of various technologies including fishing technology. The introduction of bottom trawls, purse seines, high opening trawls In selected areas, double rig shrimp trawls from deep sea fleet, etc has made significant impact on tha marina fish production- Introduction of synthetic twines contributed to the increase of efficiency of gear like gill nets and trawls. Mechanisation of fishing vessels resulted in economical operations, expansion of fishing range and duration of fishing. Other aspects of fishing which helped the overall fisheries development include exploratory surveys for resources assessment, dack equipment to handle the gear, electronic instruments for finding fish and to navigate the vessels safely. This paper deals with fishing methods in marine waters, types of vessels in operation, prospective development in fishing tachnology and recommendation regarding vessel and gear suitability for exploitation of deep sea resources.

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