Seaweed culture in India-an appraisal

Chennubhotla, V S Krishnamurthy and Kaliaperumal, N and Rajagopalan, M S (1990) Seaweed culture in India-an appraisal. CMFRI Bulletin-National symposium on research and development in marine fisheries Sessions III & IV 1987, 44 (2). pp. 394-402.



In recent years there has been a steady increase in the demand for naturally occuring seaweeds as a result of many seaweed based industries coming up. In order to meet the raw material requirement of these industries attempts have been made in this country to develop suitable seaweed farming techniques by some Institutes notably the CMFRI at its Mandepam. Regional Centre and CSMCRI at its field centre, Mandapam. Experimental culture of economically important seaweeds such as Gracllaria edulis, Gelidiella acerosa and other species was undertaken since 1972 at Mandapam- in these experiments production rates ranging from 3 to 8 times the initial wet weight were obtained. The techniques of seaweed culture, the favourable seasons optimum duration of culture period and the influence of environmental parameters are discussed in this account with notes on economics of seaweed culture. General information on the seaweed resources slong our coasts, their potential for exploitation and culture are also highlighted.

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