Hooks and line fishery for 'Kalava' at Cochin

Mathew, Grace and Venugopal, K M (1990) Hooks and line fishery for 'Kalava' at Cochin. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 37 (4). pp. 347-355.



The present paper deals with the hooks and line fishery mainly for Kalava, from the comparatively deeper areas of 75 to 125 m depth on the outer continental shelf off Ponnani, Cochin and Alleppey where the substratum is of hard rock with rocky outcrops; which is the habitat for rock cods and other perches. The hooks and line fishery for Kalava starts from late November or early December and extends to the end of March, when the sea is fairly calm and the waters dear. This fishery made its appearance at Codiin in the early eighties i.e. in 1982 when the catch was only 49 tonnes and the effort 157 unit operations which made a tremendous increase to a total catch of 827.8 tonnes in the year 1987 with an effort of 2,656 fishing trips. Perches or the Kalava formed 80.8% of the total hooks and line fish catch, the rest being formed by elasmobranchs, tuna, Coryphaem, seer fish etc.

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