Perch fishery at Vizhinjam

Thomas, P A and Lazarus, S and Vincent, S G and Mohan, Madan and Omana, T A (1994) Perch fishery at Vizhinjam. CMFRI Bulletin-Perch fisheries in India, 47 . pp. 36-89.



Perch fishery at Vizhinjam (76° 59' 15" E and 08° 22' 30" N) for a period of 9 years (1979 - '87) is presented Here. Rocky inshore realms coupled with offshore 'Kalava' grounds make the southwest coast of India a congenial habitat for perches and perch-Uke fishes. Vizhinjam, a fishing village situated right on this coast, hence, forms an important centre for any detailed study pertaining to this group in general. Fifty species of perches and perchlike fishes belonging to 8 famihes have been identified firom the commercial landings at Vizhinjam. A preliminary analysis of the larvae and juveniles fi-om this area shows that early stages of several species of this group occur almost throughout the year in the collections.

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