Perch fishery by traditional methods at Tuticorin

Sam Bennet, P and Arumugam, G (1994) Perch fishery by traditional methods at Tuticorin. CMFRI Bulletin-Perch fisheries in India, 47. pp. 26-35.


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The perch fishery at Tuticorin by traditional fishing units are dealt with. Rocky areas upto 50 m depth support many species of perches falling under ten broad families. On an average perches contribute 10.9% in the total fish landings by traditional gears. Lethrinids, Serranids and Nemipterids form the bulk of perch landings with Lethrinids alone contributing 38.1%. Drift nets, hook and lines and bottom set gill nets are the important gears in the fishery. Perch fishery by motorised as well as non-motorised units are described in detail.

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