Shrimp fishery of Bombay coast

Aravindakshan, M and Kharbari, J P (1987) Shrimp fishery of Bombay coast. CMFRI Bulletin : National Symposium on Research and Development in Marine Fisheries Sessions I & II 1987, 44 (Part -1). pp. 107-110.



With the introduction of the mechanised trawlers, the shrimp fishery of Maharashtra coast especially of Bombay region has shown considerable variations both in species composition and in the magnitude of the landings. A study was therefore made for a five year period from 1982-1986 to understand the trend of prawn fishery Two important centres namely Versova and Sassoon dock were selected to cover the mechanised 'Del' fishery and trawl fishery respectively The results are presented along with the problems of management when mechanisation Is on the increase enabling the fishermen to explore despair areas hitherto not fished at all.

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