Technology of mussel culture

Kuriakose, P S and Appukuttan, K K (1996) Technology of mussel culture. CMFRI Bulletin-Artificial reefs and Seafarming technologies, 48 . pp. 70-75.



Culture of edible molluscs is now recognised as an effective way of enhancing food production and sea mussels among all the known cultivable organisms, give the highest production rate for two reasons : (1) they feed directly on the primary producers namely the phytoplankton and (2) it is farmed three-dimensionally in the water colunm at the farm site. The world production of mussels amounted to 13,37,551 tonnes in 1988 (FAO, 1992) of which 10,86,310 t originated from culture. China ranks first in the production of cultured mussels in the world, followed by Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark and France.

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