Ecology and biology of Abudefduf glaucus (Cuvier) (Pomacentridae, Pisces) from Minicoy atoll, Lakshadweep

Pillai, C S G and Mohan, Madan (1990) Ecology and biology of Abudefduf glaucus (Cuvier) (Pomacentridae, Pisces) from Minicoy atoll, Lakshadweep. Indian Journal of Fisheries, 37 (1). pp. 15-23.


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    Abudefduf glaucus forms a very conspicuous component of the upper reef flat idhyofaunal assemblage throughout Lakshadweep. It is found living under crevices of reef rocks and under the dead boulders and often swimming out in small shoals. The fish is sluggish. Juveniles settle at first in small upper littoral rock [x>ols. The dispersal takes place when it attains a total length of 30 to 40 mm. The spcdcs is essentially a herbivore, feeding on small encrusting and filamentous algae found attached to reef rocks, though sometimes copcpods and calcareous material are found in the gut. The fish is active during the day time. A common formula for both the males and females to establish the length -weight relationship is given as follows : Log W = -3.773507 + 2.534044 Log L.

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