Stomatopods as a potential resource

Shanbhogue, S L (1973) Stomatopods as a potential resource. In: Proceedings of the symposium on living resources of the seas around India, 1973, Mandapam Camp.



The stomatopods are consumed by people as food in some countries like the Philippines and Japan in the Indo-Pacific region. In the south west coast of India stomatopods are landed in fairly large quantities by the shrimp trawlers. The catch mainly constitutes a single species, namely,[Oratosquilla nepa. It forms nearly 10 to 20 % of the catch in a shrimp trawler. At present they are used only as manure. The present price value of stomatopods caught by a single shrimp trawler in a day varies from Rs. 5 to Rs. 50 depending on the catch. The flesh content in stomatopods is little but it could be consumed as food or could very well be converted into fish meal. There is considerable scope for the development of this potential resource.

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