Bio-enriched feed for false clown fish Amphiprion ocellaris

Imelda, Joseph and Paulraj, R and Madhu, K and Madhu, Rema (2007) Bio-enriched feed for false clown fish Amphiprion ocellaris. Marine Fisheries Information Service T&E Ser. (194). pp. 13-14.



The development, production, and use of costeffective aquatic feeds, whether in the form of live natural food organisms or manufactured compound aquafeeds, is central to the successful operation of all intensive aquaculture systems, including the production of marine ornamentals. A 49 day feeding trial was conducted using two test diets (bio-enriched feed with carotene and bio-enriched feed without carotene) and a control diet in the hatchery produced 90 days old juveniles of false clown fish Amphiprion ocellaris. Mixed oil cakes and wheat flour (soybean meal: wheat flour: groundnut oilcake: sesame oil cake; 4:3:2:1) fermented for 72 h using a phytase producing bacterial strain Bacillus licheniformis MTCC 6824 isolated from mangrove swamp was used for bio-enrichment.

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