The fishery potential of silver-bellies

James, P S B R (1973) The fishery potential of silver-bellies. In: Proceedings of the symposium on living resources of the seas around India, 1973, Mandapam Camp.


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    In recent years, the catches of silver-bellies from the seas around India have shown a steep rise, from 15,274 m. tons in 1950 to 43,823 m. tons in 1967, at present forming 5 08% of total marine fish production and offer scope for further development. While they are caught all along the Indian coast, a significant fishery exists only in the southern States. It is essentially a round-the-year coastal fisheiy, its range not exceeding about 30 metres in depth. Although the fish school together at the bottom, perhaps with the exception of one or two species which seem to live in, or at least migrate to surface waters, they do not seem • to migrate long distances. The peak season for the fishery varies with the dominant species at a place which in turn is dependent on the type of bottom to a large extent. As many as 17 species are now known to be available in the seas around India, but from the fishery point of view, seven species, viz., Leiognathus jonesi, L. splendens, L. bindus, L. dussumieri, L. equulus, Secutor insidiator and Gaz minuta seem to be important, of which L. splendens is widely distributed along the Indian coast. As most of the species are small and appear to be short-lived, and since the present method of exploitation leaves enough brood for replenishing the stocks, it is desirable to catch fish of all sizes for the best utilisation of the resource. The best and most suitable gear for these fishes are the trawl nets, followed by boat seines and shore seines. Hitherto unexploited sheltered coastal areas with rnuddy or coral-sandy bottom are likely to be the new grounds for these fishes forming further supplies of food, fish meal and fertilizer.

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    CMFRI-Kochi > Marine Capture > Demersal Fisheries Division
    Subject Area > CMFRI-Kochi > Marine Capture > Demersal Fisheries Division
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