Assessment of the resources of important species of catfishes

Alagaraja, K and Srinath, M (1987) Assessment of the resources of important species of catfishes. CMFRI Bulletin - Marine catfish resources of India:Exploitation and prospects, 40. pp. 70-87.


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The centres Waltair and Mandapam, in the east coast and Cochin, Mangalore and Veraval, in the west coast, where biological data on catfishes have been collected, are considered for the assessment of resources of Tachysurus thalassinus, T. tenuispinis, T. senatus, T. dussumieri and Osteogeneiosus militaris. Length-frequency data of T. tfia/assinus collected during 1974-76 at Waltair from trawl catches, during 1972-76 at Mandapam from trawl catches, during 1981 at Cochin Fisheries Harbour from the catches of trawls, purseseines and gill nets and during 1981 and 1982 at Veraval from trawl catches are taken up for this study.

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