Cultured pearls-production and quality

Alagarswami, K (1987) Cultured pearls-production and quality. CMFRI Bulletin - Pearl culture, 39 . pp. 107-111.



Pearls have a premium on quality. The quality differences ate so subtle and discrete that even professionals in the pearl trade can make wrong judgements. The value of pearls, on the one hand, is decided on bulk by weight and, on the other, by the quality of individual pearls. Being a biological product, not coming trom the assembly line of a factory, individual variations are infinitely large. The secretion of the mantle or the pearl-sac which leads to the formation of the pearl may be organic or inorganic or their combination with unpredictable variations in structure and composition and the product may range from the finest to the trash, ever under the highest possible human control. Therefore, it is opt in this paper to consider the factors that contribute to successful production and to the quality of cultured pearls.

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