Prospects for selective breeding of pearl oysters in India

Velayudhan, T S (1987) Prospects for selective breeding of pearl oysters in India. CMFRI Bulletin - Pearl culture, 39 . pp. 87-89.



Recently a variety of approaches has been introduced in the field of genetics of molluscs, including Mendelian genetics, cytogenetics, quantitative genetics, biochemical genetics and hybridization. Wada (1975 a, b, 1985) has estimated the response to selection for several attributes of Pinctada fucata for sheU variance of full siblings. He analysed the genetic variability and gene frequencies at three loci in two strains selected for four to five generations. The change of frequencies of colour of nacre in the selected lines of pearl oyster to yellow prismatic layer for five generations has been studied (Wada, 1985). Wada (1976, 1985) and Wada and Komaru (1985) have studied the chromosome morphology of different species of bivalves.

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