Echinoderms of Lakshadweep and their zoogeography

James, D B (1989) Echinoderms of Lakshadweep and their zoogeography. CMFRI Bulletin Marine living resources of the union territory of Lakshadweep An Indicative Survey With Suggestions For Development, 43 . pp. 97-144.



Dr. Stanley Gardiner carried out an extensive survey in the Maldives'and Minicoy Islands, the Southernmost of the Lakshadweep group of Islands. Echinoderms other than the holothurians were dealt by Bell (1902) who reported four species of starfishes from Minicoy Island. Corrections for some of the species have been given by A. M. Clark and Davies (1966). Koehlerand Vaney (1908) reported three species of holothurians from the Lakshadweep. Holothurians of Gardiner's collection was dealt in a cursory manner by Pearson (1913 1914). James (1969) recorded forty species of echinoderms from various Islands of the Lakshadweep. Naghabushanam and Rao (1972) reported 49 species of echinoderms from the Minicoy Island, the identity of some need to be checked. Miirty et al. (1979) reported the notorious starfish the crown of thorns Acanthaster planci from Minicoy Atoll. Recently Mukhopadhyay and Samanta (2983)' reported twelve species of holothurians from the Islands of Androth, Kalpeni and Minicoy.

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