Biology of Crassostrea madrasensis of Kakinada

Narasimham, K A (1987) Biology of Crassostrea madrasensis of Kakinada. CMFRI Bulletin, 38 . pp. 40-47.



The concrete banks of the Kakinada canal harbour the oyster Crassostrea madrasensis (Preston) and they are particularly abundant at the mouth of the canal which extends and opens into the Kakinada Bay. The oyster beds are spread over an area of 2.25 ha and the oysters are regularly collected by the fishermen. Based on a survey conducted in April 1979, Narasimham et. al (1984) estimated the density of the oysters in these beds at 112-1862 no/m3 and the total stock at 90 t. There was no information available on the biology of C. madrasertsis from the Kakinada Bay.

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