Constraints in implementation of farming techniques in commercial molluscan shellfish culture

Rao, K Virabhadra (1988) Constraints in implementation of farming techniques in commercial molluscan shellfish culture. CMFRI Bulletin, 42 (2). pp. 323-326.


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In the past nearly two decades elaborate and unfailing techniques have been developed at soma of the Research Centres of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute for the culture of oysters, clams, mussels etc. among the molluscan shellfish. Culture of pearls of perfect form in the pearl oyster species, using indigenously developed techniques has also been initiated. The farming operations so far undertaken have been only on an experim3ntal scale in pilot demonstration farms run by governmental effort in restricted areas. There are many constraints for conducting culture on a commercial scale. the chief among them bring the acquisition of suitable farming sites with a right to ownership on lease. The availability of adequate seed resources of the species of consumer preference and facilities for transporting production to marketing centres or processing establishments are items which need careful examination. infrastructural facilities should include provision for depuration of the harvested production. The need for technical manpower to supervise and monitor operations and offer advice and guidance is essential. At the initial stages substantive financial support is also expected. The nature of the problems and the need to solve them to make molluscan culture commercially feasible and remunerative are outlined in the paper.

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